Dumbbell Upper back Row



Today, drop your hip slight lower than you had them for the lat row (take a look at mine in the video).  You want the middle of your shoulder blades to be directly in line with gravity.  As a reminder, chest stay pressing hard in the pad the entire time.  No extra unneeded movement.


From the fully stretch position start with the shoulders in a depressed position.  Internally rotate your biceps as far as you can without those shoulders elevating.  Keep that upper arm path the entire row (it should look like a more flared row).  To start the concentric, visualize pulling your scapula toward each other while simultaneously pulling your upper arm into your scapula.  The more overall upper back retracting, the better.

Pro Tip:

Avoid excessive extending of the spine while retracting.  While you retract, drive hard into the bench.  Visualize shoulders pulling back and around the torso.  Avoid bouncing in and out of the top contraction.

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