Rear Delt Row



Since rear delts are highest on your upper body (compared to lats and upper back), this will be the most “vertical” your torso position will be for a row variation.  Notice in the video my rear delts are in line with gravity.  I also prefer to start with my elbow slight outside of my shoulder width to get tension already rolling in the rear delts.  

Before you start your set, find an upper arm path (high, low, kinda tucked) that allows you to get your upper arm the furthest back without any shoulder rotation.  This will be your upper arm position for the rear delt row


Starting with that upper arm slightly outside of shoulder width and with your upper arm in the rowing “slot” that allows the largest range of motion, visualize puling the top of your tricep into the outside of your shoulder blades.  A little bit of upper trap contraction and elevation at the end is just fine.  Pretty normal.  Drive hard into the bench throughout to add intensity to the rep.  

Pro Tip:

Now this is important.  While you do the above, focus on keeping your middle traps tensed the entire time.  Avoid your scapula moving first and excessively.  The traps pull the scapula together.  We want to avoid them giving us a false sense of work.  Upper arm into the scapula.  Traps tensed.  That’s it.

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