Dumbbell Lat Row



Notice in my video I have a torso position that is pretty much horizontal to the floor (parallel).  This is important.  This puts the lats in line with the dumbbell resistance in your hand.  Too low and you are going to bias upper back.  Also, hard chest contact is going to be a MUST for this exercise.


To target your lats, keep your upper arm in a neutral position and begin with your shoulders depressed.  Now simply just pull your upper arm toward the bullseye just below the bottom of your shoulder blades (around the torso).

Our goal here to get the lats to a vulnerable very contracted position (short muscle).  This should be a weak spot.

Pro Tip:

Pick a load you can get to that contraction, manage, and squeeze the heck out of.  Avoid bouncing in that top spot; a very common mistake taking away from the benefit of the exercise.

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